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O House by Kimizuka Architects in Japan

Posted by ucrit on March 22, 2010

O House by Kimizuka Architects in Tokyo JapanO House is the Tokyo house in Japan was designed by Kimizuka Architects to reduce noise and increase privacy. The modern contemporary design is the three-story timber house for a family with two small children. The O House site is situated near a busy main road in Tokyo and is surrounded by small offices and homes. To ensure privacy and noise reduction, large polished plaster walls set off first. Then cut out openings for natural light, wind, saw the sky and the garden next door. The main area, which consists of the living, dining room, kitchen and studio, is guaranteed on the first floor and is open to a private terrace surrounded by plaster walls and louvers. Second floor, the white box under the sliding of the mass, is the solution to reduce the impact to neighboring sites because of the shadow and volume.
While the appearance of creating identity in the built-up area suggesting hard, naturally lit interior and consists of open plan layout. Deliberate allocation of windows to remember the physical circulation, composition, and convenience rather than aesthetic façade motif itself. In fact, once people entered the house, they are always directed into the room with natural light filtering wherever they are. All the internal doors full height sliding doors and unify all spatial and thermal rooms when they open.

The design vocabulary was adopted as a tool to communicate with clients a simple and plain. However, while the scheme is logically developed in this way, contrasting the approach taken for complete details. Namely, ‘uneven texture’ polished plaster, glaze on porcelain tiles, screed, oil stains, etc. synergistic effects of light and detail uneven texture contrast with the composition of at least create the ‘complexity in simplicity’. Thanks to shows such connotation difference components, this house produces ‘comfort’ while simultaneously being contemporary.[ via ]

O house exterior facede and garden

O House interior design staircase

O House interior space staircase


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