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Boavista School, Minimalist Education Building by José Marini Bragança

Posted by ucrit on March 9, 2010

Boavista School is minimalist education building was designed by the architect José Marini Bragança. Located on the outskirts of the city of Leiria, in a rural atmosphere, between a forest and a road in Portugal, the first was constructed in the 50’s, and the second is 20 years old. There is now a third building, projected by the same architect.
boavista school minimalist education buildingThe versatility of the room is also reinforced by its location. This area was built in between the three rooms because of the fact that the number of students can vary due to the support given to the children from the neighboring schools. This way it is possible to extend momentarily the cafeteria or the leisure area whenever necessary into this area.[ via ]

boavista school minimalist education buildingA bench on a porch marks the entrance of the building. The entrance hall is made up of a corridor with another bench which precedes the kitchen and cafeteria area. It is also the place where students from the neighbouring schools can keep their school bags. The cafeteria is spacious and well illuminated. The larger windows face a narrow interior court-yard.

boavista school minimalist education buildingWhen entering the new gate, we face the three buildings; the first two are aligned and the third is further back. The second building has the highest ceiling height. Since the first two existing buildings were aligned and parallel, the architect decided to design the new building in fragments, thus balancing the unit proportionally, in detriment of a single block. The new school was divided according to functional aspects: the entrance, the kitchen and the cafeteria are located in the first block, the multifunction room and the toilets are located in the second block and the leisure area and the teachers’ offices in the third block.

boavista school minimalist education buildingThe area of leisure is the most secluded. The soft natural light filters through the wooden grids of the windows, resulting in a serene atmosphere. The court-yard which follows along the glass façade creates a barrier with the playground and protects the room from children’s play. The connection to the exterior is softened by the court-yard which is surrounded and partially covered by the wood grids. This way it becomes a natural extension of the interior whenever the sliding doors are open.


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