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Bed Shaped like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars

Posted by ucrit on February 8, 2010

Designed by Kayla Kromer the Millennium Falcon Bed is a Star Wars geek dream come true. I mean, look at it, it is a bed shaped like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars. And there is a lady dressed as Princess Leia, for crying out loud. The only thing that would make this dream better is if she was wearing the metal bikini outfit from Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi.  Apart from the incredible design, the Millennium Falcon Bed features working headlights, hidden compartments for your every day needs, starfield projection and even cockpit space for you favorite Star-Wars action figures. I’m pretty sure that every Star Wars fan would love to sleep on this bed. Would you love to sleep on it ? Pictures by Heather Leah Kennedy. [ via ]


2 Responses to “Bed Shaped like the Millennium Falcon from Star Wars”

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