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DIY Design for Home Theater

Posted by ucrit on December 10, 2009

Do It Your self (DIY) design is one of the new way in creating something, this project is a home theater design. A special room for watching movies. For reducing the cost, we can also use an additional restroom and a separate recreation area. Gathering information from magazines such as Audio Video Interiors, Home Theater, and Stereophile Guide to Home Theater, Firstly, just design a space that met the requirements while taking into consideration appropriate dimensions, materials, electrical wiring, lighting, and air-conditioning needs.

Choosing the right space can make theater design and construction much simpler. The use of basement space allows for complete control of ambient lighting, simplified sound control, and utilization of more unconventional materials and colors for the room. The materials and colors people typically choose for a home theater would not necessarily be appropriate for a normal living space.

Another example of progress is the color palette for the theater. Room colors have evolved over time and are now better suited for use in this dedicated theater room. Darker room colors have greatly improved the onscreen contrast by reducing the amount of reflected light in the theater.via


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